The Note from a JetBlue Flight Attendant That Restored Our Faith in Humanity

Fort Lauderdale, 7/26/2019


Traveling with a baby on a plane can be an overwhelming experience. This was particularly true for a member of our team traveling from New York to Fort Lauderdale aboard JetBlue flight 1171. As most of us know, the baby is not crying to make your life harder — the baby is crying because he or she needs or wants something, and this happens to be the communication tool at their disposal. However, several passengers did not understand this and began to complain about the baby's crying. Some of them even criticized her for not controlling her son.

When flight attendant Haley noticed this, not only she hushed the complaining passengers, but she offered all the necessary support to the worried mother. After her baby calmed down, Haley handed her this wonderful note which not only raised her spirit but also restored our faith in humanity.

Kudos to Haley and JetBlue for going above and beyond to help a distraught mother and her baby.

Here is the actual note

JetBlue Empowering Note to Distraught Mother of Crying Baby


I just want to tell you that you are strong, brave, beautiful, intelligent, kind and absolutely amazing. You have a happy healthy handsome little boy and you are a fantastic mother.

Please don’t let anyone tell you or make you feel otherwise. Stay strong and just ignore everyone. Your baby is a person with feelings too, who can’t communicate those yet. It’s perfectly fine for them to cry however long and wherever they choose.

Just continue to love and care for him and things will be just fine. Like I said, we are always here to help! Don’t ever be afraid to ask for it.

Love Haley


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