The Note from a JetBlue Flight Attendant That Restored Our Faith in Humanity

Traveling with a baby on a plane can be an overwhelming experience. This was particularly true for a member of our team traveling from New York to Fort Lauderdale aboard JetBlue flight 1171. As most of us know, the baby is not crying to make your life harder — the baby is crying because he or she needs or wants something, and this happens to be the communication tool at their disposal. However, several passengers did not understand this and began to complain about the baby's crying. Some of them even criticized her for not controlling her son.
Face - Breastfeeding reduces child obesity risk by up to 25%, WHO finds

Breastfeeding reduces child obesity risk by up to 25%, WHO finds

Breastfeeding can cut the chances of a child becoming obese by up to 25%, according to a major study involving 16 countries.

Breast-milk Gives Babies a Brain Boost

Breastfeeding has previously been shown to have all kinds of health benefits for babies. It helps to protect them against infections, and it’s been linked to a reduced risk of childhood obesity and leukemia, as well as cardiovascular disease in adulthood. But now, scientists have found that breast milk also increases the levels of certain chemicals in babies’ brains that are linked to its development.