Assembly of Minuet Double Electric Breast Pump by Unimom

Properly assembling your shield kit is so important for maintaining the health of your breast pump and ensuring you get the best performance while pumping. Improperly assembled shield kits will impact negatively the pump's motor life. Your Unimom Minuet Double Electric Breast Pump comes with everything you need to single or double-pump: Two shield kits including, valves, breast shields, tubing, and bottles. Here’s how it all fits together.

Pump Parts Guide

How to Assemble

Connecting the Breast Shield to The Pump

Installing the B-Connector

This small accessory included with you Minuet, allow you to connect one or two breast shields to your pump. 

The B-connector must be firmly attached to the pump. 

Make sure that the accessory is fully inserted into the pump. 

Then proceed to attach one or two air-tubes connecting the breast shields to the B-connector. 

It's very important that when you are only using one breast shield, use the B-connector cap to cover the connector not being used.

Here are some examples of the correct installation of the B-connector when single or double pumping.

Correct setting for single pumping

Correct setting for double pumping

Wrong setting