Label - Testimonials  I just love the Unimom Minuet LCD Electric Breast Pump. I loved the fact that it was small, quiet, efficient and the ability to double pump is an added bonus. I was needing to exclusively pump for my 5th child so I had limited time. The Unimom  Electric pump allowed me to yield more milk than I needed in a short amount of time. I found the pump to be very comfortable, easy to clean, have a long battery life, RECHARGEABLE  and excellent value for money. I am a lactation consultant and I am happy to recommend the Unimom Minuet Electric Breast Pump to my clients.
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Awesome pump for its price, great suction. Could pump 5 ounces in under 10 minutes. Quiet and portable, easy to clean. I personally rathered it without the breast shield but that's just a preference. Highly recommend this product and wish I'd had it with previous children.

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I absolutely love my Unimom pump! I didn't expect to need it until I returned to work but little did I know that I would need it straight after the birth of my baby girl, she was 5 weeks early and in SCN,
It got a work out every 3 hours, day and night. I found this pump so easy to use & was extremely effective at expressing my milk. For such a well priced pump it preforms well above what you pay. Love it!!

I Just wanted to pop in and update in my original review, I am now 8 months into using my unimom Minuet double pump and it's still going strong and I still love it!! Have had zero issues with it and recommending it to everyone!! I started expressing with it when my baby girl was born 5 weeks premature. I expressed with it every 3 hours to get ebm to take to the hospital where she spent her first 8 days. Once she could be fully bf I started just expressing 1 time a day to start a frozen stash for my return to work at  7 months. I have now returned to work and am currently using it 3 times a day!! As you can see it has been well used :)
Label - Testimonials Can’t be any happier with Unimom milk storage bags. No leaks, not at all flimsy, very easy to handle... yet somehow, it’s a lot cheaper than other bags out there!
Drawing - Testimonials These milk storage bags are great and easy to use. As a working mum they don’t get damaged when carrying them around, plus they stand up in the fridge for easy storage and are easy to write on. Never had a problem with freezing them either. Love this product!


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