Approved by lactation consultants 

Loved by moms

Approved by lactation consultants

Loved by moms


Welcome to Unimom

Unimom is a WHO code compliant manufacturer of hospital grade breast pumps that deliver clinical performance with unmatched features, benefits, and cost-effectiveness.

Made by moms devoted to helping other moms throughout their breastfeeding journey

At the heart of everything we do is an unrelenting passion to give moms and babies the best start in their new lives. Through the trials and the joys, we will be there with products, solutions, education, and support to help families make the very most of this amazing stage. 

Breast Pumps 


Our most advanced hospital-grade 

multi-user double electric breast pump.

Twin Motor System

Two Motors allow full suction power without decreasing during double pumping. You can also set different cycles/vacuum power on each side.

4 Operating Modes

Single Left, Single Right, Alternate, and Synchronous.

Massage & Expression Modes

The massage mode mimics the baby’s natural sucking rhythm. It uses short, stimulating bursts to increase milk production. The Expression mode uses a slower and stronger suction pattern to provide optimal milk flow.


Powerful double expressing performance in a portable compact design.

Best Comfort & Performance

The best option for nursing moms on the go or working mothers

Light & Compact 

This hospital grade pump is incredibly comfortable, super light and small as they come

Massage & Expression Modes

With 7 levels of massage modes and 9 levels of expressing modes it makes pumping more comfortable and efficient

What our customers say about us

WHO Code Compliant

As a producer and distributor of breastfeeding aids, Unimom supports the practice of breastfeeding with products of the highest quality and functionality. With our breastfeeding products, we offer solutions to breastfeeding difficulties and treat breastfeeding in a holistic and effective manner. 

We've got you covered

Unimom is dedicated to providing the best customer service possible. We will be happy to help you with any questions or warranty requests you may have.

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